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Westwood Girls Who Code

Westwood Girls Who Code Club offers a fun and engaging exposure to computer science. The curriculum provides monthly, project-based activities and the opportunity for students to build mobile apps and websites. Girls Who Code Club outcomes include:

  • Increased exposure to, interest in, and understanding of computer science

  • Improved technical and soft skills for the 21st century

  • Membership to a national network of Girls Who Code -- an online and offline community of girls who share a passion for tech and support one another locally, in college, and beyond

Westwood Girls Who Code



Women are greatly underrepresented in computing and technology. Google recently released its diversity report, showing that only 30% of their jobs, including non-tech fields, are held by women. Further statistics show the same trend:


  • Women hold only 25% of the jobs in computing fields.

  • In 1984, girls represented 37% of computer science graduates. Today, they represent 12%.

  • When choosing a college major, 0.3% of high school girls choose computer science.

  • Only 17% of AP Computer Science test takers are girls. 


Why is there such a great disparity? Most girls don't like to "program". To them, a job in computer science means sitting in a cubicle all day typing. Furthermore, the stereotype is that programmers are antisocial, awkward, nerdy boys. Westwood Girls Who Code works to break these sterotypes by letting girls see the benefits of computer science for themselves in an environment where they feel comfortable.



President - Garima Singh

Vice President - Catherine Cheng

Secretary - Maya Kothare-Arora

Treasurer - Saumya Prakash


For more information, see the About Us page.



Norman Richards



For more information, see the About Us page


Mrs. Brooks



Every Monday: 4:30-6:00 PM, after school

First meeting: 21st September


For more information, see the About Us page

Want to start your own GWC club?


Fantastic! We wholeheartedly support any effort to increase girls' interest in technology. Visit the GWC website for information on how to start your own club. Join their mailing list to receive updates about the organization. Feel free to contact us with any questions:
Westwood Girls Who Code
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